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Select Sue for Guildford!

The process is nearly over, and at this point I as a Lib Dem activist would like to throw my weight (and there's heck of a lot of it!) behind SUE DOUGHTY in the selection for our parliamentary candidate.

My pledge:

To all members of Guildford Lib Dems, I urge you to vote for SUE DOUGHTY. In return I promise to canvass the streets in the run up to next year's local elections, as well as the next General Election; I will maintain the bloggerheads/Anne_Milton site and continue the 'underground' campaign; and I will keep writing anti-Tory letters to the Surrey Ad on a regular basis posing as random voters.


Tim Ireland
Lib Dem & Sue Doughty supporter


At 03:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim.

Grateful for your support.

Sue D.


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