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Should I go back to Australia?

As a bunch of Tory MPs are trying to get my permanent residency status withdrawn I consider the question: should I stay or should I go? Do give me your comments peeps!


At 00:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most of us want you to fuck off.

At 08:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. All that blog crap day in day out about Blair and stuff.

No one gives a damn. These nerds sit up all night thinking their starting something big, hiding in dark rooms posting blogs.

Losers, thats what I say!

At 01:23, Blogger Irish_Tim said...

You're entitled to your opinion.

Can I point out that you're not obliged to visit my sites.


At 21:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim you're doing a sterling job!

Keep up the good work.

Sue Doughty


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