Tim Ireland - Search Engine Optimisation and Hacking/Tracking/Cracking pro

I'm tim, aka Manic - Auzzie Republican, Lib Dem supporter and professional hacker! And who says too much kangeroo is really poo ;o)



G'day mates.

Many apologies for not having been very active for a while. I've been searching for a job, following my dismissal for downloading porn and not doing much work really. Couple of interviews - no joy though. Trying to "go it alone" and run my own consultancy, but it's not working out.

And it ain't good at home. My wife, bless her, just doesn't do it for me these days. I get more aroused looking at myself in the mirror!

To add to this, my son think's I'm a bad father, and my car keeps breaking down. It's french anyways, so what d'ya expect.

I've got plenty time on my hands right now, so I'm redesigning this site. I will be relaunching it as a tooled up, Google friendly site - meta tags, links, you name it, my new site will be OPTIMISED to the max!

In the meantime, as I have nothing better to do, I'll be writing page after page of gash about Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers. Because.I.Can.